What we do

The work of South Belfast Roundtable

  • hate crime prevention
  • migration awareness
  • refugee awareness
  • promoting inclusion
  • developing cultural competency

Intercultural Women’s Group


All women are welcome to the monthly social gathering at Common Grounds Cafe on the first Monday of each month, 10am to 12 midday.
This is a child free space for women from all over the world (including NI) to come together and simply enjoy each other’s company and a cup of coffee.
A number of other events are planned and coordinated by members throughout the year, including a residential.
For more information contact denisclong@btinternet.com – she coordinates the group.

Into the Unknown

South Belfast Roundtable and South Belfast Alternatives work collaboratively to run an experiential workshop called Into the Unknown.
These ½ day or evening workshops aim to provide an experiential insight into the journey of a refugee. Details of the workshop are limited due to the nature of the event – hence the title!
We can cater for groups of both adults and young people.
Participants are encouraged to dress for the outdoors and be prepared to be physically and emotionally challenged by the experience.
Participants will:
  • discover some of the concrete problems confronting refugees as they seek safety
  • feel a small level of the psychological anguish caused by separation and flight
  • see what forces people into refugee situations and the train of events that can bring them to refugee camps and beyond
  • adopt a more welcoming attitude towards refugees in their own country
Into the Unknown workshops started in 2017 and feedback is exceptionally positive.
We plan to deliver more in 2020-21.

Tension monitoring and intervention

The Race Relations Coordinator works closely with a range of agencies to both monitor tension around race related issues and to work on practical localised solutions.

Interagency working and coordination

South Belfast Roundtable coordinates an email network to share information across all member groups.

The Roundtable participates in many interagency working groups involving both voluntary and statutory sector organisations working together to promote integration and diversity.

Volunteer at Big Lunch Event, South Belfast Roundtable, Belfast Friendship Club, Common Grounds Cafe

Free training

Integration training seminar

A 2-hour interactive workshop designed by South Belfast Roundtable.
This training aims to give:
  • an introduction to asylum and refugee issues in the UK and NI in particular
  • an overview of the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme
  • facts on numbers, legal status and entitlements of both asylum seekers and refugees
  • an insight into the vulnerability of people who come to seek asylum in NI

It also provides space for discussion around cultural awareness, issues and challenges.

A 2-hour interactive workshop designed by the Good Relations Unit of Belfast City Council and South Belfast Roundtable.
It provides participants with practical information about migration issues.
This training aims to:
  • encourage an understanding of the history of inward and outward migration in NI
  • inform participants about the different categories of migrants in NI
  • provide participants with information on the rights and entitlements of people from a migrant background in NI
  • look at the impact and challenges of migration at a local level
  • encourage discussion around issues relating to migration in a safe environment
  • equip participants to address myths and misinformation around migration
A 2-hour interactive workshop designed by the Centre for Prevention of Hate Crime in Maine USA and delivered by South Belfast Roundtable.
It equips participants to intervene in the process of escalation which leads to Hate Crime.
This training aims to:
  • give participants an understanding of the extent of bias, harassment and hate in their community
  • highlight the impact of bias and harassment on those targeted
  • develop practical skills for response and prevention

For more information on training please contact denise.wright@sbrtr.org.uk

Belfast Friendship Club

Belfast Friendship Club painting workshop

Belfast Friendship Club meets informally every Thursday evening at Common Grounds Cafe, University Avenue, Belfast. It is open to everyone but offers a particular welcome to newcomers who find themselves in Belfast for any reason.

Belfast Friendship Club is a safe space for people from all over the world and for Belfast’s long term residents to:

  • meet in a diverse, supportive and relaxed atmosphere,
  • get information,
  • get involved in activities and events,
  • make friends and help each other.

For more information:

Small Worlds

Small Worlds workshop

Small World workshops offer the opportunity for groups to engage with people from a range of different backgrounds in a safe cafe-style environment. Table hosts are recruited through Belfast Friendship Club. These have been run successfully for a wide range of organisations and audiences.

Find out more about Small Worlds

Download a Small Worlds leaflet

We have a small number of Small Worlds workshops to offer free of charge.
To book a place or find more information, contact denise.wright@sbrtr.org.uk
Denise Wright
Race Relations Coordinator
South Belfast Roundtable
83 University Street
Belfast BT7 1HP

Global Kitchen

Global Kitchen trainees selfie with Belfast Lord Mayor

Global Kitchen is a capacity building accredited catering training project run by South Belfast Roundtable.