South Belfast Roundtable

Working together to promote inclusion and diversity

South Belfast Roundtable is a partnership of over 105 groups which seeks to break down barriers, tackle racism and promote diversity.

The groups include representatives from minority ethnic groups, local communities, church and political leaders, voluntary and community groups and representatives of statutory bodies.

Volunteers at Big Lunch Event

Our vision

The mission of the Roundtable is to “work in partnership to challenge racism and promote diversity in South Belfast.”

The Roundtable works in three strategic areas:

  • good relations;
  • education and learning; and
  • sustainability (strategy and funding)

It aims to:

  • facilitate information-sharing and discussions amongst all relevant South Belfast stakeholders, at both formal and less formal levels;
  • develop and participate in a strategic educational process in South Belfast that will promote improved mutual understanding, contact, interaction and cohesiveness;
  • develop and implement a communications strategy that will effectively tackle, challenge and/or manage racism-related (and potentially crisis) situations in South Belfast;
  • work collaboratively with other relevant stakeholders in South Belfast to present positive images of inclusion and diversity through highlighting examples of good anti-racist practice.

Our history

South Belfast Roundtable was initially established as an association with charitable status under the South Belfast Partnership Board in January 2004, as a response to the rising trend of racist attacks in South Belfast.

It became a fully independent organisation in July 2012.

Our priorities

  • hate crime prevention
  • migration awareness
  • refugee awareness
  • promoting inclusion and diversity
  • developing cultural competency

Our staff

Denise Wright, Race Relations Coordinator/Manager

Stephanie Mitchell, Integration Project Coordinator